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Tuesday, 04 October On the other hand, some more people prefer to live in the country side because they love nature and peace.

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People of rural areas are more socialised whereas that of urban basic essay structure ppt are mammon worshippers, always running to make both ends meet. This means you can learn lots of knowledge and custom in that country. Sometimes they may feel isolated, frustrated, and lonely. For example, take cab can cost you more than driving your own car. They always react when something strange is happening.

In addition, the second advantage is can know different culture.

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People don't need to hurry and have a lot of time. I went to a rural area called Tillo and I had my cell phone damaged there. Parts of a thesis statement from this, the vast amount of transports facilities has made life immensely easy to live in urban areas. To sum up, I think both cities and rural areas have application letter for a job vacancy as a waitress own charm.

In the city, there are large shop complexions, banks, offices, cinemas, hostels, clubs, hospitals etc.

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Many thefts and murders often take place in the city. The city is always busy and noisy.

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The traffic in the city is surely busy and cause many accidents too. As well, in some countries, there is discrimination at workplace, making it difficult for foreign migrants to settle peacefully and also blend in with the citizens.

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Firstly, there are fewer places of entertainment. In countryside, however, the life may be dull and quite, and you may only have a few neighbors. Some may choose to live in big cities, while other like the natural and quiet surroundings in the countryside.

Than In addition, people there depend on their farm to support their family or plants crop. Moreover, gaining excellent knowledge and experience in jobs can be very beneficial, particularly back in their home countries. There are many good University choosing in a big city. Many festivals, carnivals are organised in the cities.

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Although living in the city provides benefits, there are many of advantages. There are more recreational places in big cities, such as opera houses, movie theatres, clubs, and swimming pools. Approximately words Model Answer 4: What is more, you can invite your friends to the barbecue organized in your garden.

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Model Answer 1: People have much more employment opportunities in a city than a village. Living in the countryside or living in large cities has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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The city not only provides good education and civil life but also provides best medical facilities. In many cases, those facilities are absent or rare in a village. Peoples have different opinions while choosing their living place.

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You need adapt to your new environment advantage and disadvantage of living in the country essay also a disadvantage at living abroad. Getting information is not as fast as in city; they are less of media such as TV or radio, so sometimes they can face in troublesome.

There aren't any huge blocks of flats, modern skyscrapers or bothersome traffic jams. Recently I have read a book and this book reveals some surprising facts about living in cover letter for a job in fashion retail city. Another advantage is the cost of food, it is cheaper and you can afford everything as well.

There are lots of facilities I can't deny are t mobile business plan pricing in my city and those are the invaluable part of my lifestyle.

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On the contrary, people living in a village, are often forced to do a job that is not suitable at all for him since the job opportunity is so narrow there. If I had to choose, I would live in the country.

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Also, there are many trees which offer fresh air to us like living in green home. Sports stadium, training centres are located in cities.

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Another advantage is that you may easily build a big house and the garden, because charges for ground are much lower than in the suburbs. How to cite this page Choose cite format: If you don't what is the structure of persuasive essay your own car, you may…….

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Best hospitals, medical centres are built in big towns so that majority of people can have medical facilities. They will feel enjoyable and free if they choose one that suit to them.

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