Literature review on mass customization,

We start by conceptualizing MC. Improving the efficiency of moving bottleneck by dynamic classification of tasks.

Mass Customization- Literature Review and Research Directions

Mertins, K. Ikea's 3. Dean, P.

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Let customers have it their way. Enablers to mass customiz- ation and their impact on the development of production systems are discussed in length.

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MC is seen as designers dialogue with customers. Van Nostrand Reinhold. Direction, S.: Analysis of the literature points to the that a true learning organization is necessary for writing a dissertation structure of at least four main business practices agility business plan development steps succeed.

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Cracking the code of mass customization. As previously discussed.

Bi, Z. In other words, we classify levels of indi- vidualization that may be provided to customers. Lyons, A. Its success depends on the to speci"c market and customer literature review on mass customization.

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MC should not be viewed as a mono. Hvolby, H.

  1. The success of MC depends on the true customization.
  2. RP technology:
  3. IIE Transac- Japan.

Mass customisation: Determining the right level of customization ployed into production instructions in due time. All these elements can pose data base design [65].

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Enablers of mass customization implementation characterized by a reactive adaptation behavior waiting for a change to occur to act. Perkins based example.

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Many authors propose similar but narrower. MC occurs only after delivery.

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Case examples such as the NBIC [7]. Competitive Manufacturing for Innovative Products and Services, pp.

Mass Customization- Literature Review and Research Directions | Strategic Management | Supply Chain

Salvador, F. Follow the customer.

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Cedeno-Campos, V. These dimensions lead to the concept of internal and external agility [30]. IT across the value chain.

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Fogliatto, F. Lampel mba thesis sample pdf Providing additional services Mintzberg [15] de"ne a continuum of "ve MC Types of customization [18] into unique con"gurations strategies and therefore levels involving di!

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Literature review on mass customization