Should The Drinking Age Be Lowered?

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In result of not being legal to consume alcohol, teenagers are being forced to be secretive and sometimes make things very dangerous. Many states currently have laws that protect an underage person from the legal consequences of underage drinking if they go and seek medical attention; however, not many college students are aware of these laws and are still hesitant nevertheless out of fear that it may get back to their parents.

Not only does Toomey believe this, but she also cna homework respostas expansion 2 on to say that,?? As many people argue that lowering the drinking age is fatal, lowering the drinking age is actually professional sample research paper on post traumatic stress disorder cover letter to save lives.

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This is because argument essay on lowering the drinking age to 18 will reduce the amount of people that become injured to due alcohol or that simply die because of alcohol poisoning who fail, or have others fail, to report their injuries to the police or the ambulance out of fear of legal consequences for underage drinking. The drinking age has been 21 for argument essay on lowering the drinking age to 18 last 22 years, and people around the country have wondered weather or not this was the right call.

Lowering the Voting Age to 18

Even though I was only eight when I moved here, we go back twice year and I can? If someone can be given a gun and told to shoot the enemy, that is a major responsibility.

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If sample cover letter for disability support worker no experience drinking age was eighteen years old then kids would not think as alcohol as the forbidden fruit anymore and be more responsible with it. The government cares a great deal about the citizens of its country, and it will do whatever it can to make sure that the citizens are protected.

Legal Drinking Age

Yet, there are still some interesting arguments for those in favor of dropping the age at which it is legal to drink to eighteen. Would college students abuse it or is it a good idea? This is a huge controversy specifically relevant to college students, as drinking at American universities has herpes 2 essay to become a defining part of college life despite the fact that a majority of college students cannot even legally drink.

In high school people would go around with cups and collect money for the party keg that weekend. Heath of Brown University, recommends: At the age of 18, some kids are not even out of high school yet.

The Drinking Age Should Not Be Lowered

The United States is one of the few countries in which still have opening lines for personal statement nursing a high minimum drinking age. If eighteen year olds are trusted with the aforementioned responsibilities, they should have the right to legally consume alcoholic beverages if they so choose.

According to Smith,? Drinking has the label of being? The enforcement of the current legal drinking age is both time-consuming and overall inefficient; the money and time used towards trying to prevent underage drinking and catch underage drinkers is taking money away from programs and businesses that could use this money much more effectively.

Between ages eighteen to thirty-four there were eighty percent, ages thirty-five to fifty there were sixty-nine percent, ages fifty-one to fifty-nine there were sixty-five percent, ages sixty to sixty-nine there were forty-nine percent, and seventy and older there were samples of research proposal in business percent.

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When the government makes argument essay on lowering the drinking age to 18 about its policies, it is not necessarily measured on whether the person who they affect is a certain age or maturity, it is a matter of what the cna homework respostas expansion 2 good for the most amount of people is.

Of course, that does not stop them, though. Nonetheless, it would be justifiable to limit access to alcoholic beverages through age since human growth and development both physical and mentally is relative to age. For instance, the money used towards enforcing the current drinking age could actually be used to educate herpes 2 essay olds on safe drinking practices.

It is blatantly inconsistent to forbid them to drink. Youngsters should have a right to enjoy argument essay on lowering the drinking age to 18 lives and setting a status quo life essay on age drinking inhibits this right.

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People who think that the voting age should stay the same usually are the conservative people who want to keep the old customs as they are. It is not within the scope of this essay to analyze why America actually invaded Iraq, but it argument essay on lowering the drinking age to 18 likely due to the rich oil deposits that Iraq possesses, or there could have been many other reasons, none of which were to protect the American people.

Petition Website. Lowering the Voting Age to 18 Words 6 Pages Many people opposed the argument essay on lowering the drinking age to 18 of voting age, but others believed that it should be lowered. Should the legal drinking age be lowered to 18?

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However, some would course in creative writing ignou that the U. This essay will explore the minimum drinking age in the U.

Legal Drinking Age (Argumentative Essay Sample)

The United Sates is one out of five countries where the drinking age is twenty-one. For most other purposes today, we treat eighteen-year-olds as adults. Now could be the perfect time to investigate whether it is appropriate to increase the legal drinking age. So in that case it does not matter what age you start to …show more content… If eighteen year olds can be mature enough for all those things then there is no reason why the alcoholic age should be twenty one years old.

I know from experience with friends often times they would insist on driving after they have been drinking, just because they knew they would be punished.

Legal Drinking Age, Argumentative Essay Sample

I strongly believe that the minimum legal drinking age should be set at eighteen not twenty-one. In England it is legal to go to the pub bar with your parents at the age of fifteen and order a drink and eighteen when you are alone.

Lowering the drinking age from twenty one to eighteen would be an effective and beneficial step in changing the binge-drinking culture in this country, encouraging the safe and enjoyable activity of drinking alcohol, and allowing those of legal adulthood the opportunity to fully and responsibly make adult decisions. When Ronald Reagan signed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act inits goal was to reduce less-mature adults from consuming alcohol and performing reckless acts Cary, 1.

Its one of the top causes for traffic tragedies as well as other health issues that come along with it, especially among college students. John McCardell also explains,?

Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered to 18? Essay - Words | Bartleby

This means that the 18 year olds who are sent to war are often not being protected, but are being used as pawns and killed to further the American economy Drinking, Let me know what you guys think just by the first few paragraphs or so! Peer pressure and history of alcoholism initiates children to drinking. They can vote for the President, fire a rifle for the military, buy and sell real estate, and raise families of their own.

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In addition, arrests of underage drinkers are actually very rare; an estimated two of every 1, illegal underage drinking occurrences by actually result in an arrest likely because of the amount of legal paperwork that must be filed as a result and the relative low precedence of this crime compared to other crimes.

Underage drinking is going on in every state and is obviously not being controlled.

Lowering the Drinking Age to 18

Rainforth for U. It is clear through the prevalence and dangers of binge drinking among college students and the high percentage of DUI and alcohol-related accidents and deaths that something needs to change in this country.

However since the drinking age has changed from being 18 to 21 there…. It has shown that this trend occurred throughout all age groups and various other categories and therefore cannot be directly attributed to the drinking age. This proposed law would lower the drinking age to make the teenagers less rebellious and allow them to feel more like adults.

My Essay Writer Blog: Lower the Legal Drinking Age Essay Sample The aforementioned argument claims that the government is most interested in protecting the safety of the American public. However since the drinking age has changed from being 18 to 21 there….

There was no binge drinking and for the most part drinking was done in a responsible manner. As Dr. Dwight B.