Teacher Retention and Attrition: A Review of the Literature

Literature review on attrition and retention,

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The researcher has also given appropriate recommendations based on the research done. Teacher Retention and Attrition: Who stays in teaching and why: Review of Educational Research, 78, Bobbitt et al.

The problem of attrition is insurmountable whether in the education sector or any other profession, some attrition is inevitable. Bamisaye finds that many teachers discharge their duties in conditions that are unsatisfactory, this harvard business school case study workshop author reports has potential to reduce self-esteem and is generally de-motivating for the personnel involved.

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Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, 4 2 DeAngelis, K. The study further recommends that educational managers should be made literature review on attrition and retention go through staff training and development programmes and curricula enhancement.

Harris, D.

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Harvard Graduate School of Education. Apparently, in emerging economies such as Nigeria, teachers no doubt are still the key managers of knowledge. Unpublished M. They may also move to another high paying school or to another high paying organization not in creative writing prompts for group therapy education sector.

Center for Teaching Quality. This is more evident in the fact that almost half of all new teachers quit the job in less than five years of starting.

Ultimately employees contribute immensely to legal resume cover letter samples performance and success of the organization and literature review on attrition and retention the most valuable resource that any organization can rely on.

Attrition of new teachers among recent college graduates: Hanushek, R. No Dream Denied: According to him, staff require to feel they are valued and trusted. In schools and amongst teachers, employee turnover is the rate of departure among staffs engaged in a school for a given period.

Ajagbe2 Mercy E. Seattle, WA: Easley describes five philosophies of retention management that could enhance personnel satisfaction, commitment and output. Goldhaber et al.

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Bamisaye, E. They view it to include professional teaching circumstances which play an important part in judgements to quit teaching at a particular education institution, and that it contributes to judgements to quit. However, getting young teachers to work in rural communities is the most daunting task due to social isolation.

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Majority of employees desire to stay longer on the job and to feel more knowledgeable and more answerable, at any stage on the job. Anderson, L.

In this case, attrition could not be said to be bad. The turnover of teachers: Guarino, C. This is because, some teachers will retire, some others creative writing prompts for group therapy quit for reasons that is personal, and some others will be dismissed from their jobs whilst some others are encouraged to leave the profession.

Moreover, Job satisfaction or dissatisfaction is always mentioned and emphasized as essential on studies relating to teacher attrition and retention Stockard and Lehman, ; Ingersoll, ; Long et al.

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Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 6 Schools where the condition of the environment is not suitable may witness a high turnover rate among their teachers. Ayeni reports that in majority of public schools in Nigeria, there are insufficient teaching facilities such literature review on attrition and retention Textbooks, Maps, world globes, laboratory apparatuses and other tools for instructors and learners to work and study with.

Retrieved October 1, from http: Teacher mobility in Chicago Public Schools.

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McKee, K. This suggestion is not restricted to the developing countries alone but also to developed countries and regions. This chapter highlights causes and impact of employee turnover, and employee retention as a measure. New teachers explain skype for business plan 1 vs plan 2 career decisions.

This study suggests to future researchers who may decide to adopt an empirical method to investigate the variables identified in this study. This is because teachers in such areas feel isolated and alienated and hence there is a high tendency to quit either entirely or go to skype for business plan 1 vs plan 2 school situated in an urban community Harris et al.

These predetermined constraints restrict learning and extracting optimal features.

However, considering the first group which is the retiring teachers, there is nothing really that can be done about this, as anyone who has served the mandatory active years in service is bound to quit for a restful life at home. The challenges of mathematics in Nigeria economic and technical development — implication for tertiary education.

Job satisfaction among secondary school teachers in Osun State.

The competition provided for by the other children in a school setting makes the child to seek improvement every term, and this increases the quality of his progress in academics, growth and development Moor.

Direct impact: The importance of effective school management. Baike, A.

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Azuka opines that teachers in Nigerian schools who are not encouraged by their school principals signified their interest to quit teaching career entirely should they have a better career prospect elsewhere.

Journal of Human Resources, 39 2