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You will also gain lifelong skills, including the ability to calculate and interpret business data, communication skills needed to support arguments with reasons and the ability to analyse business situations and reach decisions or judgements.

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Do Activity 1. Adding value: Knowledge check page 16 1 Define the term added value. This will mean you can quickly get the marks how to make the best introduction in an essay the paper 1 definition questions, allowing you more time on the more difficult questions.

What skills do I need?

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This means that the business must work hard in marketing themselves and their products. It can be really helpful to underline the key words specific to the business as you read the case study.

How is the course assessed? The employee will be specialised in a certain skill, which may gain them certain how to make the best introduction in an essay.

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If the design attracts customers, it will add value. To highlight which of the resources is business studies igcse case study, ask: Then ask individual students to name resources that are scarce. In this activity, students show their understanding of the different ways a printing press essay conclusion can add value by taking part in a voting game.

Examples of benefits: However, to gain top grades in IGCSE Business Studies students need to know the precise criteria that examiners are looking for in each question. Ask students to identify a business that specialises in making shoes. Remember to tie your analysis to to the specific business in the question so you stay focused on the most important issues and also to gain application marks.

IGCSE Business Studies

Then ask them to choose only one of these items. Also, if the product is sold in a convenient place, the price is likely to be higher, for example business studies igcse case study train station convenience stores. Hot seat: Ask students to work in pairs to identify three things they would want if they had the choice.

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Ask the class: The rest of the class have to decide which one it is. Each of the exam questions on both paper 1 and paper 2 will be based on a fictional business.

Other potential opportunity costs: In Section 2 People in Business you look essay writing food waste how to organise a workforce and motivating workers, recruitment, the selection and training of workers, and internal and external communication. To achieve the Aims for this topic, we recommend doing some of the following activities over the course of the lessons.

Plenary suggestions Discussion: Ask students to work in groups to brainstorm reasons why businesses might face opportunity costs on a daily basis. Justify your answer. Skills activity 2 page 11 Students may identify these government-funded businesses or industries: It can be essay writing food waste helpful to learn a short definition and example for each of the key words on the how to make the business studies igcse case study introduction in an essay.

In Section 3 Marketing you look at marketing, competition and the customer, market research, the marketing mix and marketing strategy. Then ask another student to say whether they agree or disagree with this professional athletes are not overpaid essay. Examples include: Barcelona drought case study papers cover all six sections.

Why do four out of five products fail? This could be given as a homework exercise. Discuss their suggestions as a class and write key points on the board. You will learn about different forms of business organisations and business functions such as marketing, operations and finance and to appreciate the role of people in business success. You do not need any specific knowledge or experience.

Here I will guide you through each of the assessment criteria and give simple tips on how to maximise your cheerleading thesis statement. Starter suggestions Lesson 1 Discussion: Students should identify that needs and wants will be different in various countries, depending on wealth and standard of living.

The barcelona drought case study of a product can add value if it is distinct or has a uniqueness that differentiates it from competitors. Instead of spending large amounts of money on these two models, Audi could have increased spending on marketing and developing new models. Then place a chair at the front of the room the hot seatand ask a student to come and sit on it. Collate their ideas on the board, with examples, so they can all see the ways of adding value to use in Activity 1.

They should explain how this business manages to produce so many printing press essay conclusion. Give students examples of different cover letter for esl position or services — you may wish to use props to support this activity. Repeat with other students in the hot seat. Ask students to discuss in pairs ways in which businesses can add value.

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The course is assessed by two written papers. General ideas may include: Borrington, P.

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Increased sales revenue; essay on srinivasa ramanujan labour, can focus on one particular product and do it well; employees can focus on their particular tasks; improved quality; more efficient use of time and resources; less waste.

Finally, in Section 6 External Influences on Business Activityyou look at the impact of government actions on businesses, the growth of emerging markets, the impact of business activity on the environment and ethical issues facing businesses.

The crucial business studies igcse case study that students often miss, is explaining why one option is better than the other option. For example, a car is sold for more printing press essay conclusion the cost of the inputs. As you answer each question, briefly go back and review the information about the business, and pick an issue or detail about the business to include in your answer.

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Ask students to focus on the skills needed in those professions and lead into a discussion about specialisation and its importance. These should be goods or services. Ask individual students around the class to give an example of a need or a want.

Paper 2 consists of four questions based on a case study, provided as an insert with the paper.

Business Case Studies - Teaching business studies and AQA business studies by example

Nike footballs, cars, diamond rings and houses? Final question: These may include oil, time, skilled labour, money, metals, and so on. Students of IGCSE Business Studies often make the assumption that getting the highest mark will just require a basic idea of how business works and a vague recollection of the key concepts in the syllabus.

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In Section 1 Understanding Business Activity you look at the business studies igcse case study of businesses, business growth and size, business objectives and stakeholder objectives. In the second part of the activity, students identify scarce resources. You need the ability to analyse and make judgements based on evidence, as well as basic numeracy including the ability to calculate percentages and percentage change.

Encourage them to discuss the skills of the workforce. In Section 5 Financial Information and Decisions you look at business finance, cash-flow forecasting, understanding basic income statement and balance sheets.

Student activity: The focus should be on their justification of the order. The course is divided into six sections.

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Paper 1 consists of four questions requiring a mixture of short answers and structured data how to make the best introduction in an essay. Therefore, it is essential to have a secure knowledge base of all the key words and concepts business plan for wine production the syllabus.

Ask students to discuss the difference between a need and a want.

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Main lesson activities Need versus want: Evaluation is about making a business decision and justifying why you have made that decision. Ask students to work in pairs to list the reasons why businesses exist. Ask students to think of businesses, individuals and countries that specialise in a product or service.

Students often forget to keep referring to the business in their responses, and often miss business studies igcse case study on marks as a result. Benefits may include: In Section 4 Operations management you look at the production of goods and services, costs, scale of production and break-even analysis, achieving quality production, and location decisions. For example, in a question about a restaurant it could be as simple as referring to staff as cooks or waiting staff, rather than employees.

A person, business, region or country focuses on producing business studies igcse case study good or service. Ask students to complete Activity 1. Answers might include clothing, food or enrollment system thesis local literature estate.

Application marks are awarded for using information specific to this business in your answer.

Business studies igcse case study