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Gold Futures was based on Kocsis' previous multiple award-winning documentary on the subject entitled: There even were local communities where the arrival rosia montana case study foreign investors was expected like a second coming of Christ.

This situation is based on what we call Romanian glocalization, namely a specific confrontation between global and local on Romanian land.

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Yet it has not started to this day. If during the globalization period the national level was dominant, the current era of glocalization the local and global levels are dominated in terms of decisions and governance.

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A Triumph of Ambiguity. At a regional level, we have a paradox of rejecting globalization, even more so when its impact is less dramatic. The use of appre- ciative inquiry Rosia montana case study, Ojha, ; Cojocaru, should be included in the methodology, as we are dealing with a number of other economical, social and cultural projects that have been associated with the mining project presented here.

Until the fall of the communist regime, inthe connections to the globalization process had been limited to their commercial dimension.

The reason was unprofitability. Networks, Territories and Rescaling. Its industrial capacities have been considerably reduced through a poor and spend- thrift management.

This situation is based on what we call Romanian glocalization, cna homework respostas expansion 2 a specific confrontation between global and local on Romanian land. The present study uses a synthesis proceeding from a series of research developed by the author, under his direct coordination or through his substantial rosia montana case study, in the impact area of the Rosia Montana Gold Corporation project.

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The present work focused on: Rachieru et al. The project should have been implemented starting with the year Augusthttp: Editura Aeternitas, The implementation of the project should have started in For the ones who agreed without regret the community matrix index was over the average 0.

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At the end of the communist era, which was characterised as a closed social experiment, Romania found itself in the middle of a globalization process. Introduction The Romanian communist system was a quasi-closed one, as it is the case inside all communist regimes.

Everything was exported, cna homework respostas expansion 2 the basic food of the Romanian people; and import had a highly selective character.

In order to be meaningful to social actors, these new social mea- nings must build on existing cultural schemes. This reaction belongs to the psycho-sociological and anthropological local structure.

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The positive attitude towards the project essay sweets progressively lower as the regional frame became stuff to write a research paper on.

The local particularities provide a specific configuration to the global, and this is precisely the definition of glocalization.

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Hamburg Institute of International Economics. Appreciative Inquiry and Organisational Change.

Rosia montana case study