Write an essay on my visit to the zoo.

write an essay on my visit to the zoo html essay questions

Thereafter we saw a large august of Snakes. We thanked our teacher for such an enjoyable trip we leant many things about the animals. They twittered, chirped and whistled.

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I wish to see various types of animals. After this, we went to a very big enclosure. There were pelicans, Permanent residence cover letter crane, peacocks, peahens, sparrows, Nightingales, Kingfishers, etc.

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Our school broke up for the winter vacations. A visit to the zoo is informative as it increases our knowledge about the different species of animals and birds.

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The cages of the birds were hanging down the branches of the trees. There we saw beautiful birds with multi-coloured feathers. They played several tricks and we felt amused by those tricks.

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We also saw African elephants, camels, giraffe, zebra, rhinoceros and wolves. These innocent and beautiful creatures are shy of people. There we saw lions, tigers, bears, leopards and panthers.

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They seemed to be two or three quintals heavy. Essay on helping at home was pleasing indeed to hear them. I expressed my desire to see the zoo at Lucknow on the way.

The purpose of a zoo is to show us, common people like varieties of essay on the day i helped someone and birds that exist the world over people who may never be able to see these creatures get a simple chance to see them. There was a large number of bright red little robins.

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It seemed to be having the strength of a giant. He my favourite actor tom cruise essay a huge den like home made in a deep cave in a huge rock.

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It has a large number of different kinds of animals, birds, reptiles and snakes. I saw many other wild beasts like the panther, the leopard, and other whose names I could not know.

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The lioness was basking in the sun while the lion was striking her with his paw. It was interesting to see new birds in an enclosure. The deer were grazing on the green grassy patches.

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Essay on “A visit to a zoo” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

We went further ahead to the monkey enclosure which attracted very much. The tiger was strong and handsome. The tigers and lions moved to and fro with angry eyes. These monkeys climbed up the trees and swung from their branches.

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We bought two tickets and entered the zoo through the main gate. We also saw several camels in a sandy patch.

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Then we saw the monkeys. Their place was surrounded by a broad ditch of water. It belongs to Japan.

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The atmosphere created is just like the jungle we visualise to be where the lion is supposed to live. A visit to the zoo, increases general knowledge, and at the same time with an achievement, we also get entertainment. I had never seen a lion before. His body was bare but he had long hair on his neck.