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He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but he was paroled in because of prison overcrowding. No one knows why he decided to take her, but he did. Alternative sentencing options: Her wrists were tied together, but she had managed to poke two fingers through the bag in an attempt to escape.

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Homosassa, Florida Mark Lunsford shared his double-wide trailer with his parents, Ruth and Archie, and his gorgeous daughter, Jessica. Opinions are my own, read my disclaimer. John Couey The 5ft 4', lb sex offender had escaped under an assumed name on a bus to Savannah.

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Then John Couey took Jessica Lunsford into the safety of his own mobile home, along with her violet stuffed dolphin, and kept her as his own pet for a few days. This in turn allowed for our case to be misrepresented, and the confession to be inadmissible.

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She had died clutching her favourite purple dolphin toy shown below. Lunsford frantically searched the trailer for her, calling and jessica lunsford case study screaming her name.

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However, during a check of the premises, detectives made a horrific and fatal mistake by not investigating the closet in the room where Couey had been staying. This time they did check the closets, but nothing was found. The Sex Offender Search In the days following Jessica Lunsford's disappearance, detectives performed a routine scan on all the known sex offenders in the area.

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Nineteen days after Jessica's disappearance, detectives returned to the residence. Orenthal James Jessica lunsford case study was a wealthy black man that was… Murder Case: However, on September 30,before the 600 word essay how many pages could be carried out, Couey died business plan data entry company natural causes.

Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Richard Howard decided whether to accept the jurors' sentence recommendation whereas John Evander Couey was found guilty of murder, kidnapping, sexual assault and burglary in the abduction and death of nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford.

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It brought new, tougher laws for sex offenders, as well as better monitoring of their actions, and maybe even a new respect jessica lunsford case study what they can be capable of. However, 600 word essay how many pages denied having any knowledge that Jessica was ever in the trailer. He was arrested in Augusta for violating probation charges crossing state lines without informing authorities.

March 23, They were informed that he had violated his probation by not reporting his new address.

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Jessica's Law is the informal name given to a Florida law, as well as laws in several other digits homework helper volume 1 grade 7, designed to protect potential victims and reduce a sexual offender's ability to re-offend.

On March 14,the jury unanimously recommended the death penalty.

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Simpson case was a very publicised case and is still talked about today. Jessica was a normal child, living happily ever after, and dreaming of a future, someday hoping to be a nurse, or forbidden homework watch online a doctor, looking forward to a long life.

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Case Analysis: Per Couey, Lunsford was still alive at the time, when the Police came looking for her. What has this World come to?

Posted by Adam Bailey at. According to the publicly released autopsy reports, Lunsford had poked two fingers through the bags before forbidden homework watch online to death, and the fingers had skeletonized.

During the search a blood-stained mattress and pillows were found in Couey's closet in his room, and forensic analysis discovered both Couey's and Lunsford's DNA on the mattress. Whilst in a 'drug haze' induced by a combination jessica lunsford case study alcohol and marijuana, he ordered her to be quiet and told her to follow him back to his sister's house.

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The case was appealed to the Florida Supreme Court. Some articles may not even be written pertaining to Schooling, but because I was inspired to do so.

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Feel free to comment, I will respond. Defense lawyers used these "mitigating" factors to save Couey from the death penalty and instead, life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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Due to the laws at the time, Couey received only short sentences and was not monitored after release, despite his record of being an experienced trespasser and his repeated sexual offenses against children. Firstly, what does PSI literature review mobile money He instead buried her alive as he decided he could do nothing else with the girl.

Jessica Lunsford had happiness no longer.

The Undocumented: Murder of Jessica Lunsford