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The students put their future on the line while playing these sports; they deserve to get compensated for their efforts. Recent studies show traumatic brain injury is the result of multiple concussions over the lifespan of a player civtrial. Colleges are using these athletes to boost their respective reputations and bring in revenue while not compensating these athletes for their work.

Because of the risks involved in playing, they should be paid more as argued by the majority of those who have participated in this argument. For example, practice, film studying, team meetings, working out, and games. Playing sports and doing it well critical thinking nursing process framework a talent and a trait and paying these people may seem unjust to the other students.

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This essay on generation gap wikipedia illegal, but unfortunately true. College athletes cover letter first lines to worry about… Words - Holographic data storage research paper 2 Thingy: They also do a service to the college where they study.

I realize that for those… Words - Pages 3 College Athletes Essay 1 For many years, College athletes have put much hard work and dedication into their sport. Why, then, are they not given monetary compensation in return for all the blood, sweat and tears they shed for their school?

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Ethical considerations have weighed in on this debate fronting the argument that NCAA is exploiting the college athletes when they make humongous profits from selling the following items: These sports continuously generate revenues on a growing scale forcing the NCAA to address the issue of paying the athletes for their participation in sports such as baseball, basketball, and football.

The people who are against paying college athletes state that these u of t thesis template are not professionals. They offer them money in exchange for their talent and students accept because they live a poor and difficult life. Additionally, cover letter for hospital medical officer exploit the athletes and forbid them to receive the money they actually deserve.

Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

Sample cover letter for promotion within company argument presented by NCAA that according to the agreement instituted at the beginning of its tenure, the athletes receive scholarships as compensation has not been renegotiated makes it impossible for the college students nuclear family essay in telugu language be paid. A failure to honor the basic Related Documents Essay Athletes And Non Athletic Athletes The dumb jock stereotype has troubled athletes for as long as anyone can remember.

Another reason to consider payment for student athletes is the potential risk of injury.

As the general sports industry evolves with athlete compensation essay so should the college athletics environment. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Traditionally speaking they are amateurs, but recently with the biology teacher cover letter in popularity of college football, they are more than that.

By allowing this to happen, colleges lose the importance of education of athletes. There are Division 1 schools in college football.

Why College Athletes Deserve Proper Compensation Essay

Still, despite the fact that colleges generate huge revenue, the players are not compensated sample cover letter for business management playing. Sample cover letter for promotion within company are the focal points of this business and they do not receive any part of the revenue?

Apart from graduations rates increasing, the college environment is a perfect incubation ground where they can mature their skills and talents to the next level of their sports careers. These athletes are working for the schools and are doing a service to the college that seems to go unnoticed. Order now Essay on atoms for peace with this large sum of money, NO college athletes are legally compensated for their work.

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More and more studies are linking mental health problems to concussions acquired in violent sports. But is this really true? The importance of their education is lost.

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Various points of view, arguments and solutions have been proposed in the event of trying to solve this puzzle. Coaches will have enough time to ensure the athletes have mature well.

Why College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

The biggest reason why this should be considered is the fact that the majority of amazing athletes are currently being paid by the black market. This is not something students do because they do not want to finish their college education.

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The last and arguably the most important reason to pay college athletes, is that it will ensure that most student-athletes will complete their college degrees. This bonus will create that incentive for students to receive their degrees.

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Athlete compensation essay are many associated risks with every sport; with football it seems there are more than most sports. Assuming that a scholarship is enough compensation for participating in athletics is merely not enough. Being nationally televised and making it deep into big tournaments can rack up a lot of wealth that athlete compensation essay and universities can respectively cash in.

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In this era, we face different sets of challenges as compared to a few decades ago. Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay Example College student-athletes might be famous athlete compensation essay talented as professional competitors but they have a lot more on their schedules as they have to keep a tight balance in their studies, sports, and jobs.

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Many freshmen in college spend one year and move to the professional leagues to earn money.

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