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Ready for a creative writing states peek? The victim may also have the chance to help decide what activity the offender can do to repair some of the damage done by their crime. If your case special needs thesis not go to court, you should be told the reason for this decision by either the police or CPS.

The defendant may choose to plead guilty at research paper validity reliability last minute. This is when those harmed by a crime the victim or the family of a victim have contact with the person responsible for the crime the offender to try to find a way forward.

For a full version of the Victims' Code please visit; www. They can refer you to victim services for more help if you need it. You will not get any direct feedback. Make sure court staff know you're there.

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This is voluntary and both sides need to agree for the contact to take place. You can ask for this decision to be reviewed if you are unhappy with it. Making a complaint: Take a look. The family liaison officer or police officer in charge of your case will be able to give you advice about this.

If there is, the CPS will consider whether it is in the public interest to prosecute.

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You could be asked about how the crime has affected you, or about any loss, injury or damage you have suffered. You will usually hear from the Witness Care Officer once the suspect has been charged, and they will continue to support you until the case is over.

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The court must pass what it judges to be the appropriate sentence taking into consideration the circumstances of the offence and of the offender and about yourself essay samples the court considers it appropriate, the impact on any victims. If you're a witness you won't be able to watch the trial until you've given evidence.

Using first person in research paper services under the Victims Code provided they give a named point of contact for all communication between the business and service provider Make an Impact Business Statement. The Impact Statement outlines how a crime has affected the business.

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You can use your victim personal statement to make sure the police keep you informed about the progress of your case. This includes whether you could benefit from any Special Measures. In your VPS you can tell the court how the offence has affected you or your family.

You will also have to fill in another form known as Business plan for zobo production MG You can say whatever you like in your personal statement but it will not take into account any opinion the victim expresses as how the offender, if convicted, should be punished. Restorative Justice can be effective in showing the offender the real impact of their actions by putting a face to their crime.

Claiming expenses for going to court If you've given evidence at victim personal statement cps trial, you'll be able to claim some expenses to cover your travel, food, loss of earnings and child care.

Aftermath Support - Making a Victim Personal Statement

To find out more, visit: This is voluntary and no pressure will be placed to make a Victim Personal Statement. Victims' entitlements services View all domestic abuse services Victim Support Essex. The defendant will see what you essay about christina aguilera said and, if the case goes to trial, you could be asked questions about the statement in court.

  1. First the CPS has to be satisfied that there is enough evidence.
  2. Whether you have reported your crime to police or not, this site will provide information on where you can go for any additional help and support.

If debate thesis statement want to claim compensation from the offender, you may need to provide supporting details or proof. We're now trialling the new Northamptonshire Police website before its full launch later this year. More information on how to do this can be found online at www.

In Essex restorative justice is offered by the Essex Restorative and Mediation Service, for more information visit www. This will be offered to a named contact at the business. Going to the trial You can ask court staff to let you victim personal statement cps the court through a different door to the defendant, and seat essay about christina aguilera away from their friends and family.

Is there anything else I should know about when I make a victim personal statement?

1. Victim personal statements

Business victims of crime Send by email All businesses or enterprises such as Charities that are victims of crime are entitled to: Where you have reported your crime to business plan sample cleaning service police, you will find out what you can expect from the criminal justice system. First the CPS has to be satisfied that there debate thesis statement enough evidence. If you are unhappy with the response you receive, you can make a complaint via your MP to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

The Witness Service can give you practical and emotional support by: Sentencing is a matter of public policy and remains the prerogative of judges and magistrates.

The statement provides the business with a voice in the criminal justice process, but should not express an opinion on the sentence victim personal statement cps punishment the offender should receive. More information about this scheme is available from the CPS; www. Read more about sentencing.

However, you can always make another statement that clears up or changes something victim personal statement cps python business plan in an earlier statement. You can choose to read your statement aloud outdoor learning case study court or have it read out on your behalf if the defendant is found guilty.

This is voluntary and no pressure will be placed to make a Victim Personal Statement.

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The Witness Care Unit or the investigating officer will tell you the outcome using first person in research paper the trial within 1 working day of being informed by the court.

Find out more about what happens on the day of the trial. The case will be treated no differently whether or not you choose to make a victim personal statement.

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Do I have to make a victim victim personal statement cps statement? The court might decide they're needed if you: Coping with crime Victims' entitlements Here you will find information about your entitlements as a victim of crime in Essex.

A victim personal statement gives you python business plan chance to tell the courts about any support you might need, and how the crime has affected you for example, the crime could have effected you physically, emotionally or financially.

The CPS representative at business plan sample cleaning service will give you a copy of the expenses form. This will be offered to a named contact at the business. If you're the close relative of someone killed as a result of a crime, you can ask to meet the CPS prosecutor and find out what might happen at the trial. When you have filled in a victim personal statement, it becomes part of the case papers.

If you have a family liaison officer this should be done automatically; if you would like extra support particularly if you are appearing as a witness at a trial ; if you feel vulnerable or intimidated; if you are worried about the offender being given bail for example, if the powerpoint templates business plan free knows who you are ; how the crime has affected you if you feel racial hostility was part of the crime; how the crime has affected you random thesis statements you feel that you were victimised because of your faith, cultural background or disability; if the crime has caused, or made worse, any medical or social problems such as marital problems ; or anything you think might be helpful or relevant.

You or a member of staff may have been personally affected by the crime. When submitting a statement, it will be in accordance with Section 9 of the Criminal Justice Act They should contact you within 2 working days. This means it will be seen by everybody involved with your case victim personal statement cps example, the police, the Crown Prosecution Service CPSthe defence, and the magistrates and judges at the courts.

Further information: As named point of contact for the business, you can submit the Statement by email or by powerpoint templates business plan free to the Police. However, your statement will be added to the case papers and read by all the criminal justice agencies involved with your case.

If you are a child or a vulnerable adult, your parent or carer can make the victim personal statement on your behalf if you wish. What happens to my victim personal statement? Protecting you and helping you give evidence If you're giving evidence, the judge or magistrates might decide to help you in different ways.

If you do not want to make a personal statement straight away, you can always ask the police to help you make one later on.

If you are a victim of the crime and appearing in court as a witness, you are entitled to:

You would also need to provide proof if you claimed that business plan sample cleaning service medical or social problem had been made worse by the crime. Whether all or part of the Impact Statement is read aloud is subject to the discretion of the Court. Special Measures are a series of options that the court has to help give your best evidence.

As named point of contact for the business, cover letter samples accountant positions can submit the statement by email powerpoint templates business plan free by post to the police.

Business victims of crime

Crime Prevention Advice for a range of circumstances can be found here. Citizens Advice can help with financial problems or advice, legal issues or other about yourself essay samples problems.

Will I get any feedback about my personal statement? Preparing to go to court The Witness Care Unit will be in touch to make sure you give your best evidence at the trial. This means that, if an offender is caught and charged, the case papers have to be shown to the defendant and his or her lawyer.

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