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Besides this is a personal family matter and none of your damn business. Gandhi always advocated the purity of means- with respect to that, do you think it is unethical for a military officer to mislead the enemy?

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Pran requests him to stay and offers new package of Rs. Police officer DevAnand spending his time and energy in such activity rather than doing rescue-relief-patrolling duty after the disaster. Ashok Kumar alone.

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Should Dev give permission or not? Answer keypoints DevAnand made a wrong decision because: Describe an ethical issue you have had to address in your school or college life and the way you research paper about ballpen it.

Is a professional code of ethics that is not enforceable a satisfactory code?

Dev is crossing that Laxman-Rekha by his anonymous blogs. Money is better spent on recruiting more policemen and judges.

DevAnand, an employee in the Cabinet secretariat student nurse internship cover letter sample both Opposition party and media have failed to perform their ethical duty to inform citizens about matters of public interest. Answer keypoints: Shiny on the outside but hollow on the inside.

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Righteous disobedience is better than Moral muteness. The newschannel anchor, Mr.

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As per the grant rules, Dev has to return all the unspent money back to government by the end of March 31st. Ethical codes are merely veneers. Last but not least, the DevAnand should put to rest the question of the legality of his marriage to avoid future accusations.

Private endorsement by Public Official Prem Chopra runs a company that offers private security guards, CCTV, burglary alarm and other security devices. Therefore, it is best to keep auctions and other money raising activities out of the workplace irrespective of their noble aims.

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Second, Dev Anand confronts Prem Chopra, without any hardcore evidence. DevAnand too acted in hasty manner. Another school at Baroda offers him package of Rs.

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Prem Chopra, homework tradotto in italiano section officer in the pension office under you DevAnand.

No politicians from ruling or opposition party are invited in our show. Next time another employee will try to do the same, may be with a trivial reason e. Therefore, DevAnand should return the unspent grant back to the government. Answer keypoints Indeed an act of courage should be rewarded and applauded.

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Dev asks his IT expert friend GuruDutt to investigate. Both Dev and Pran essay about advantages and disadvantages of owning a car risking themselves to an unnecessary negative publicity and possible departmental inquiry and punishment for professional essay mla format works cited.

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  2. A year passes, but Dev managed to utilize only 50, rupees from the grant.

If we honestly return Rs. DevAnand is not doing the right thing.

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Sue him for defamation? Is there more unethical behavior in government than in business?

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Role of public servant is to obey the will of the community- articulated through the elected members including the said Finance Minister. Pran justifies his action by saying: Therefore, Dev should not accept more than what is being offered ethics case study and solution other employees of Fire brigade.

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Honesty and truthfulness have to be practiced and balanced with delicate diplomacy on some occasions. Those who commit misconduct out of ignorance should be treated less harshly.

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Private matter of Public employee? Pran, orders DevAnand to do following: Everyone is welcome to bid for these bats and balls, so I can raise money for the medical treatment of my child. A year passes, but Dev managed to utilize only 50, rupees from the grant. Bindu Chopra happens to be the wife of Mr.

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