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The process for selecting studies should be explicit and conducted in such a way as to minimize the risk of errors and bias. Proper data management should begin as soon as you start extracting data, and may even dictate which types of data you decide to retain.

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Contacting experts and manufacturers Research groups and other experts as well as manufacturers may be useful sources of research not identified by the electronic searches, and may also be able to supply information about unpublished or ongoing research. Box 1. It is data extraction tool literature review practice to have two separate individuals do data extraction from each included study.

It may be worthwhile comparing multiple publications for any discrepancies, which could writing a case study business highlighted and the study authors contacted for clarification. For more complex selection procedures, where several decisions and comments need to be recorded, a database program such as Microsoft Access may be of use.

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Due to the diversity of questions addressed by systematic reviews, there can be no agreed standard for what constitutes an acceptable search in forma de redactar curriculum vitae of the number of databases searched. Sufficient time early in the project should therefore be allocated to developing, piloting and refining the data extraction form.


Figure 1. As this is in effect a search forward through time, citation searching is not suitable for identifying recent papers as they cannot have been referenced by other older papers.

These disagreements should be discussed and, where possible, resolved by consensus after referring to the protocol; if necessary a third person may be consulted. Use the revised data extraction on all studies.

The Data Extraction Form

Where the question and criteria are tightly focused then it is usually easier to be confident that the rejected studies are not relevant. Data extraction requirements will vary from review to review, and the extraction forms should be tailored to the review question.

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The databases referred to above are all subject-based but there are others, such as AgeInfo, Ageline and ChildData, that focus on a specific population group that could be relevant to the review topic. Piloting the study selection process The selection process valencia essay prompt be piloted by applying the inclusion criteria to a sample of papers in order to check that they can be reliably interpreted and that they classify the studies appropriately.

The video outlines four data management tips: This will help to identify which data should be extracted.

Data Extraction

An international group of experts iteratively reviewed the table and reflected on the performance of the tools until no new insights and consensus resulted. The first stage of any data extraction is to plan the type of analyses and list the tables that will be included in the report.

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If a decision is made to include such studies, the influence on the results of the review can writing a case study business checked in a sensitivity analysis. In addition, one member of the team should be responsible for identifying and removing duplicate references, ordering inter-library loans, recording the receipt of documents, and following up non-arrivals.

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In addition to searching electronic databases, published and unpublished research may also be obtained by using one or more of the following methods. This section explains the steps involved and the issues to be considered when planning and conducting study selection.


For those in the first category it is usually adequate to record as an irrelevant study, without a reason why. Providing the full detail of searches helps future researchers to re-run or update the searches and enables readers to evaluate the thoroughness of searching.

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Sample cover letter for exam invigilator approaches vary in their setup costs and difficulty, training requirements, portability and accessibility, versatility, progress tracking, and the ability to manage, present, store, and retrieve data. Agreement between assessors inter-assessor reliability may be formally assessed mathematically using a Kappa statistic a measure of chance-corrected agreement.

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The abstracts in conference proceedings may only give limited information, and there can reader thesis statements differences between data presented in an abstract and mark twain corn pone opinions essay included data extraction tool literature review a final report. If a detailed report is being written for the commissioners of the review, the full search details should be included.

Using bibliographic software such as EndNote, Reference Manager or ProCite to record and manage references will help in documenting the process, streamline document management and make the production of reference lists for reports and journal papers easier.

However, the number of free text fields should be limited data extraction tool literature review much as possible to simplify the analysis of data.

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Paper forms should only be used where curriculum vitae network administrator to direct completion of electronic forms is impossible, to reduce risks of error in data transcription. This may be in paper form, attached to paper copies of the articles, or the selection process may be partially or wholly computerised.

Publication of these guidelines is forthcoming. By creating a 'library' database of references, information can be shared by the whole review team, duplicated references can be identified and deleted more easily, and customised fields responsibilities of a college student essay be created where ordering decisions can be recorded.

Data extraction tool literature review