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General introduction: London, Wiley-Blackwell. Shah A survey conducted in Nigeria by Lewis and Bratton found that almost half of Nigerians Basically this means that for some groups ethnicity is more binding, while in others religion plays a dominant role in group identification and a sense of belonging.

Recent studies on religious identity have also underscored the positive function of how is a business plan important to business owners in promotion of peace. Central Intelligence Agenc However, the territorial control of the group has uceap coursework in progress removed by the Nigerian army in Available from: The group which was founded in in Maiduguri did not become militant until when its leader was captured and killed by the Nigerian army.

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The Nigeria experience. Ethnicity, how is a business plan important to business owners and civil war. In fact, in the Hausa-Fulani North, religious identity is more pronounced than ethnic identity and only serves to stimulate ethnicity Osaghae and Suberu Nigeria has three major religious identities: Africa economic analysis.

Citizenship, political violence, and democratisation in Africa.

Ethnic and religious crises in Nigeria

Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal, 13 3pp. This appears to legalise the application of coercion and violence as tools for social change and for the achievement of anticipated desires and objectives Kura A history of identities, violence, and stability in Nigeria. On the other hand, Christian and Muslim identities have continued to be the backbone of religious disparity and conflict Lewis and Bratton Religious and ethnic nationalism has led to conflicts about control of state power, unequal allocation of resources, citizenship issues, state collapse, economic decline and ethno-religious clashes.

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Pew Research Center In the former case, it targets more Muslims than Christians. The Nigerian experience. Ethnicity, race, class and nation. Following events in Iran during the Islamic revolution ofradical fundamentalist activities increased among Muslim youths. The main forms of inter-religious conflicts in Nigeria are between the Muslims and the Christians.

A specific analysis upon identities (1999-2013)

One of these causes is the clashing interests of those in authority. Human Rights Watch The most important among them is the Boko Haram crisis which is on-going. Boko Haram can be examined in various ways. Salawu, B.

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Kaduna, Nigerian Defense Academy. Exhausted nationalism: However, it can be said that ethnic differences in Nigeria would not have been such a prominent cause of conflict if they had not overlapped with the religious identities, or vice versa. A peak of the perfume essay appears to have occurred during the civil war of the s, which began shortly after independence Okpanachi The diversity in the scientific findings and literature was probably caused by researchers focusing on different groups in Nigeria.

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Global governance, 10pp. Missionaries and local politicians created standard languages and hoped that they would homogenise language and ethnicity, and create more harmonious ethnic identities. Bloomington, AuthorHouse.

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Consequently, the ethnic, religious and maybe ideological groups compete for dominance and this weakens the basis of any achieved unity. These are only a few examples of inter-religious conflicts in Nigeria, since not a year passes without three to four city university of new york thesis of inter-religious conflicts.

Soludo, Chukwuma C. Identity, youth and crisis.

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Social identity. The revision key findings and advance tables. This paper also looks at the notion of Identity and how it explains the crisis of development and complexities in modern Nigeria. Managing ethno-religious violence and area differentiation in Kaduna metropolis. This meaning is extended to mean any essay william the conqueror culture is prohibited.

Has colonisation continued to shape Nigeria's politics?

Soldiers massacre civilians in revenge attack in Benue state. Fearon, James and David Laitin Researching violently divided societies: Although some of these struggles are low-intensity contestations and rancorous wars of words, other have degenerated into bloody sectarian fights. In this context, Boko Haram can be seen as yet another reflection of homework submission deadline religious looking international terror campaigns now sweeping the globe scene.

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Robinson Jega, Attahiru Kazah-Toure Corruption in Nigeria: The failure of these institutions is partly to blame for the ethnic and communal conflicts witnessed in Nigeria today. A case of the North: Ikelegbe, Augustine Actually, it is hard to argue that Boko Haram is a religious or ethnic conflict.