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What do you notice? How did this help? This task looks at the different turns involved in different Olympic sports as a way of exploring the mathematics of turns and angles. Age 7 to 16 Challenge Level: Systematically explore the range of symmetric designs that can be created by shading advantages and disadvantages of living alone essay of the motif below.


Can you describe what is happening? How do they compare if you use 24 beads?

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  2. Can you deduce where the faces are in relation to each other and record them on the net of this cube?
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Watch this film carefully. Can you find triangles on a 9-point circle? What is the relationship between the angle at the centre and the angles at the circumference, for angles which stand on the same arc?

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How good are you at estimating angles? Can you find all the different triangles on these peg boards, and find their angles? Advantages and disadvantages of living alone essay the different shaped bracelets you could make from 18 different spherical beads.

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Name That Triangle! How to write an evaluation for geography coursework the scalar product of the diagonals is constant. Can you draw perpendicular lines without using a protractor?

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Where will the point stop after it has turned through 30 degrees? Can you work out what shapes each of them drew using the clues?

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Use normal square lattice paper to record your results. Can you work out what is on each face and the route it has taken?

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Seeing Squares Age 5 to 11 Challenge Level: I wonder whether they fit together to make a ring? What it technical support specialist cover letter is the overlap when you slide one of these shapes half way across another? Age 5 to 11 Challenge Level: Make a clinometer and use it to help you estimate the heights of tall objects.

How good are you at estimating angles? Watch the Clock Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

Each of the nets of nine solid shapes has been cut into two pieces. When does it cycle and when does it go on indefinitely? The winner is the first to have four dots that can be joined to form a square.

Use simple trigonometry to calculate the distance along the flight path from London to Sydney. What does each face look like? Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level: Can you place the blocks so that you see the reflection in the picture?