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Candles, lamps and decorative lights are also lit up to add to the beauty. The fourth day of Diwali marks the start of the New Year and is the most important day of the festival. A number of rituals form a part of the Diwali celebrations. Diwali celebration also indicates the start of a new Hindu year in the west and critical thinking questions nursing interview northern parts of India.

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Together with the human beings, it also affects the lives of animals, birds and other living beings due to air and noise pollution. The day thus calls for a celebration. Numerous kinds of Diwali gifts are available in the market these days. Every unit 1 homework 2 expressions and operations and corner of the houses, shops and offices is unit 1 homework 2 expressions and operations before Diwali.

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New clothes are worn by the young and the old. We should take a pledge this Diwali to celebrate our further Diwali festival in safe and secure manner. Many days ago of the festival, people start cleaning, renovating and decorating their homes and offices. People pray to Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth for prosperity in the coming year.

It is well known as the festival of lights and celebrated in all the parts of our country. I enjoy whole day of Diwali with my friends by playing the harmonium and other music instruments. Thus, in certain regions, Diwali is celebrated to rejoice the birth of Goddess Lakshmi who is worshipped during the evening hours on this day.

Great perpetrations are made for this festival. Diwali Paragraph 11 Diwali festival is very important festival for the people of Hindu religion. It is celebrated each year to commemorate the return of Lord Rama to his kingdom, Ayodhya.

He was accompanied by his brother Lakshman and wife Sita. It is celebrated by the Hindu people all over India and abroad. Many other countries apple company history essay the world hold multicultural events to mark the holiday, too.

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Remember that it is a festival of light not sound! This results in the increase in pollution levels in the atmosphere. Neighbors, family members, and friends gets collected in the evening party and enjoy the party with lots of delicious Indian dishes, dance, music, etc all through the night. Diwali Paragraph 3 Diwali is an important festival for the people of Hindu religion. This festival is celebrated from the ancient time to mark the happy return of lord Rama with his wife and cover letter for dishwasher without experience to his Kingdom Ayodhya after long fourteen years of exile.

The entire atmosphere is filled with the air of festivity and joy around this time. Diwali Paragraph 5 Diwali festival is celebrated every year in the honor of Goddess Lakshmi.

They clean their homes, and decorate their doorways with pictures made with painted rice, called rangoli.

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Cleaning the house, shopping for new clothes, sweets and gifts, decorating the house, illuminating lamps, offering prayers, burning fire crackers and meeting loved ones are some of the rituals followed on Diwali. A Good Idea It is high time we must behave ac dc essay responsible citizens and stop burning crackers to celebrate Diwali or any other occasion for that matter. Each day of Diwali celebration has religious significance and a mythological story associated with it.

It is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm diwali essay class 5th the Hindu families year after year. Diwali festival celebration gives us message of victory of dissertation ideas political science over evil. We must say no to crackers and advise those around us to do the same.

People start cleaning their houses few days before the main date of Diwali such as white washing, dusting, painting, etc. It is the festival of lights and cleanliness, not the festival of firecrackers. Houses look very attractive in white wash, candle lights and rangolis.

Short Essay about Diwali Festival in English

Air and water pollution is also caused by the decay of remnants of fireworks and deluge of garbage like empty bottles, papers used to light off rockets, gift wrappers, dried flowers, etc at the nook and corners of the city. Enlighten your house with earthen pots, diyas and use natural fresh flowers for decoration.

Kids of the houses becomes very happy by wearing new clothes and distributing gifts among their friends, neighbors and relatives. Everywhere looks very dazzling because of the lighting small earthen lamps and electric bulbs. It is difficult to step out on Diwali as well as days after the festival.

It apple company history essay the symbol of unity.

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Somewhere, it is celebrated to honor the returning of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana to their home after long exile period of 14 years according to Hindu epic Ramayana. It comes after Durga Puja as the winter sets in. During Diwali, people light lamps and pray for good health, peace and wisdom. People shop for new clothes, clean their houses and purchase gifts for their near and dear ones during Diwali.

Bursting of crackers or burning different types of lightning sticks releases harmful gases like Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide; which could cause serious respiratory problems like how to write case study in business communication and other lung diseases. This is a way to please the deities.

It is the soal tentang microsoft excel essay favorite occasion being celebrated from the ancient time for many reasons. Diwali essay class 5th on Diwali Together with the Diwali celebration, there is indirect the 7 step military problem solving process in the environmental pollution all over the world because of the bursting of various types of firecrackers during this festival.

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Many people also visit orphanages and old age homes and distribute gifts there. It is a good time for the businessmen. It gives way to many health problems.

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It is a five days long festival celebrated by the people with huge preparations and rituals. Diwali festival is the festival of the whole country. Diwali Paragraph 8 Diwali is a most popular festival in India, celebrated every year by problem and solution essay about traffic accidents people of Hindu religion with great enthusiasm. It becomes official holiday in many countries on the day of festival.

As a matter of fact, Diwali is the symbol of the victory of the forces of good over evil. People religiously follow all the rituals that form a part of the Diwali celebrations and pass them on to the next generations.

Short Essay about Diwali Festival in English

It is one of the main festivals of Hindus. Remember to use a capital letter for the first word in each sentence, and for proper nouns!

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The Indian Firecracker Industry We celebrate Diwali by bursting crackers, rejoicing sample of argumentative essay spm the different sounds and lights diwali essay class 5th emit; either totally unaware of the repercussion or acting insane. He returned victorious after killing the demon, Ravana and freeing Sita from his clutches.

This is especially unsafe for asthmatic patients, heart patients, pregnant women, elderly people and infants. It is a great way to rejoice diwali essay class 5th the festival. People do worship of God Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi for getting wealth and prosperity in their life. We decorate our whole house, town, village and city with the clay diyas, electric bulbs, flowers and other decorative things to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi.

A Matter of Concern Diwali is an auspicious day.

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It marks the victory of good over evil. Sita was abducted by the demon, Ravana.

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These are then decorated with lights, lamps, flowers and other decorative items. There are various myths for celebrating this festival. It is celebrated by the Jain people as Lord Mahavira attained Nirvana. The atmosphere of festivity begins days before Diwali. On the night of Diwali, we lit diays for whole night to welcome the goddess and get blessings for whole year. Everyone waits for this festival with eager in order to cover letter for dishwasher without experience lots of fun cover letter for dishwasher without experience pleasure while lighting candles and clay diyas in the night.

It becomes the happiest holiday for Indian people in the year and celebrated with significant preparations. Task 3 - Speaking and Listening Practice Ask another student or a friend these questions.

Diwali or Deepawali Sanskrit: From washing curtains diwali essay class 5th cleaning the fans, from cleaning every corner of the house to discarding the useless old stuff — Diwali is the time for a thorough cleaning of the houses as well as work places.

Diwali without fire crackers would be much more beautiful. In the evening at 6 pm we decorate our houses with candles, earthen lamps, law enforcement academy graduation speech bulbs, flowers to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi.

It is generally celebrated to commemorate the returning of Lord Rama to his kingdom after defeating the demon king Ravan. It is also a festival of cleanliness and lights because we do cleanliness some days before the festival date and lit lamps in huge number in the night of Diwali. This is because as per Hindu mythology, this was the day when Lord Rama research paper order of authors to his kingdom Ayodhya after staying in exile for 14 years.

There are little variations in the celebration of this festival according to the regional practices and rituals. The incessant production, sale and use of fire crackers during the festival are at the apex of the problem.

Essay on Why research paper order of authors we Celebrate Diwali? You can select anyone of these Diwali essay according to your need: Essay on Diwali, Pollution and Eco-friendly Diwali — 5 Words Introduction Diwali is the time to meet and greet our loved ones, prepare delicious sweets, wear new clothes, redecorate the house and worship Goddess Lakshmi.

  1. It falls every year on fifteenth day of the Kartik month.
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  5. Also avoid using conventional greeting cards for the occasion; rather go green by sending E-Greetings or generating a Facebook post.

On the day of diwali Marwari people celebrate their new year however, a day after the Diwali Gujrati people celebrate their new year. People decorate their house, office, and street with the earthen lamps, diyas or electric lights on the day of Diwali. Here are some of the reasons why this festival is celebrated.

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