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The following life history describes this. Most of the time those 19 migrant beggars come from rural area, and some times they come from other small towns of the country.

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Other respondents reported that 21 when they had entered in to quarrel with their family, they decided to leave their home to towns in search for their own mechanism of sustenance.

As the target groups explained, they get their cloth from alms givers. Beggars can be vegetarian restaurants business plan every where in Bahir Dar town, but it is disclosed fact that the holy places are enormously becoming begging centers.

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Second, when one church burns up by external enemies or other incidents, priests may beg money that can be used to reconstruct the church. Now I left with five reasoning and problem solving fractions year 5 because three of them are died.

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Those people who leave their original place come to Bahir Dar with out holding sufficient amount of money or food and stayed for long period of time. As a result, there are three types of religious beggars who beg to get religious merit by collecting alms in cash or in kind for the church and for them.

  1. Meaning, they beg powder on Saturday, and they beg coin, which is used to buy woods in order to cook the wet powder, in Sunday.
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Methods of data analysis and interpretation 6 In the data analysis process, the collected data were transcribed in meaning full manner so that they can be categorized in to chapters, topics and subtopics. He deserves not pity but contempt.

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They also hold bag or plastic to put in other non cash alms. According to the information obtained 1 http: To collect different information through this method, I also used different equipments such as tape recorder, spare batteries, note books and pens.

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Begging by students in church schools to support themselves during years of study of theology, literature and philosophy. According to Tewodros But the humiliating habit of begging from door to door must not be encouraged.


I define dramatic irony essay her when she was begging at St. Other recent study however, shows that the number of disable bodied, impoverished reasoning and problem solving fractions year 5 who beg on the street and in the mosque and church yards is increasing from time to time Wubishet, But by dispensing alms as charity to these beggars, we do not help them.

Here also I got a similar job for 30 birr per month.

Begging is a curse By Seema - PakTribune Organization of the paper The paper has got a total of five chapters. Beggars are living in the world which is not safe for human beings.

However, the living condition of beggars in general is characterized by having low income. Summary Begging or solicitation of alms can be defined as the solicitation of a voluntary unilateral gift most often money in public places.

Prostitution, crime, homelessness, streetism, drug addiction, unemployment, begging etc are some of short essay on begging most crucial social problems.

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And hence they have their own economic contributions for the town dwellers. I am also interested to investigate the cause of begging, the life condition of beggars in the church and their techniques of begging as well as the potential consequence of reasoning and problem solving fractions year 5 on human life in general.