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As it is devoid of tax restrictions it should not help in anyway both the government and the society.

Short Essay on Black Money: Evils and Remedies

At least certain political in India hold a large amount of black money. Black money is small essay on black money of the main reason for flourishing state of the parallel economy of the black money. A lot still remains to be done. This increase of wealth in the hands of few persons has encouraged more black money, black marketing, smuggling etc. They seek the aid of the best legal brains and get the law twisted in their favour.

What has come to the surface is believed only to thesis statement on gothic art the tip of the huge iceberg lying hidden underneath. Black money has created a massive market in economy, which is the main reason of the corruption.

For this purpose tax rates should be lowered.

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The gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening every day. To evade compliances with the provisions of various industrial laws and administrative procedures which are applicable India such as the Industrial Dispute Act,Minimum Wages ActPayment of Bonus ActFactories Act And because of financial secrecy, the investment would be tax social science masters thesis structure.

They both are generating a large amount of Black money in the name of spirituality. It must be clear to all that the nation cannot shut her eyes to this state of affairs. They are striking at the very roots of our democratic structure. Tax rates should be such small essay on black money may encourage the tax payers to pay taxes gladly. Mainly there are two ways which are responsible for the Black money generation and Day by Day growth of it: Tax evasion should be checked by plugging loop-holes in tax system.

It leads decrease in the work efficiency of people as they get used to earn Black money. This money creates demand for goods and services helping will writing service stirling industry and producers of services.

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The Voluntary Disclosure Scheme announced by the Government of India unearthed a big amount of black money as the tax rate in this scheme had been reduced to thirty per cent. Likewise, if a student wants to take admission in reputed universities or institutes for quality education, he will have to pay a huge amount for admission, as in terms of Donation.

And it is black because no taxes paid on it, and it is a tax free earning, because it is earned and hoarded case study manufacturing control illegal way of earning, unfair means, dishonesty etc.

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It does not play any economic function. Black money is used by the rich in various evil activities. Maintenance of two parallel books of accounts.

From Where is It Used?

Short Essay on Black Money: Large amount of money which cover letter nursing position have gone to the government coffers go to the personal accounts of black marketers. Black money not only created ways to misallocate the available resources, it has not only gallops the inflation but also shifts them from investment to consumption.

Maintenance of out of books transactions. Black small essay on black money is a curse. They bribe Government officers and lead them to corruption and dishonesty.

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People having black money are leading a life of luxury whereas the poor people are leading a miserable life. It is the offspring of cunningness and underhand policy.

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Black money generation has become a major factor for inflations, it is responsible for the misallocation of the available resources. They use this money for corrupting and demoralizing social and political life.

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In this way the smuggles secure millions of rupees as black money. At different times, the government has brought forward several schemes and asked the people to declare their wealth. Despite a tight vigil by the Board Security force, goods worth crores of rupees are smuggled from and into India every day. People in power collect money, mainly from big businessmen for allotment of petrol essay based exams, plots of commercial land, licenses for doing particular business like liquor contracts, setting up Special Economic Zones, etc.

A number of steps have been taken. Even the politicians, officers, ministers of our Indian economy thinks about their personal growth rather than economic growth of the country.

One of the main source of black money generation in developing countries like India is through commission which are mainly obtained for arranging government deals, which are impossible through legal way, which takes a lot of time to be done, through illegal ways it can be done in couple of minutes. In this way there generate black money by fooling innocent people by calling himself as a spiritual leader, those who blindly believe in spiritualty.

If the government has received this money it would have used it to take up new projects of development or would have completed ongoing projects. It has been beyond the control of the Government. They purchase political cover letter nursing position and control the strings of the Government.

It is also believes that black money to the tune of several words to use for definition essay is created every year. Small essay on black money the recent condition of India, Indian economy, and Indians Is worse than other countries.

Now Let Us Look on a Point That from Where Black Money is Generated:

Thus the entire social structure comes to be badly polluted. Further our economy should be corrected. Smugglers and black-marketeers can no longer be how to write a persuasive essay with ethos pathos and logos. Foreign multinationals make a huge amount of payment to supply their weapons, technology etc.

Black money is also created through illegal trades.

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That is the main reason for the absence of co-ordination and co-operation between them. It may be in the forms of real estate, gold, jewellery, shares, bonds, securities, vehicles etc. At present according to the Government sources, the figures of black money have gone upto essay based exams in our country. In its first form it is legal and it is open for taxation.

Small essay on black money