Breathing patterns case study hesi.

Josh's altered respiratory function is not severe enough to be described as respiratory failure.

Respiratory case study quizlet

Guide Studies to Accompany Bates. The medication label states. After applying the nasal cannula. Josh's mother obtains the medications at the pharmacy and shows them to the nurse. Teaching Josh and his mother how to read the oximeter.

Respiratory case study quizlet

In assisting Josh to obtain a sputum specimen. It is not necessary to elevate the extremity when measuring capillary refill. If they are. Don gloves and a gown for the best protection. Measurement of capillary refill is part of the nurse's routine assessment.

B Odor. This client-centered outcome statement describes the desired outcome in measurable terms. Fifteen minutes later. What action 5y problem solving forms the nurse implement prior to applying the sensor?

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The nurse explains that this medication should have what effect? Which nursing diagnosis is most relevant to Josh's current status? Which response is best for the nurse to provide? Which serum lab value confirms the resolution of Josh's infection? Client's mother is present in the room. Animation Activities. This is a non-invasive procedure. Coughing helps to clear mucous from airway which will allow for optimal lung expansion.

This is not the best protection for transporting body fluids. Hesi sleep patterns case study quizlet.

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Normal BP ranges for children aged 6 to 12 years are 80 to systolic and 45 to 70 diastolic Human Body Case Studies: Which outcome statement should the nurse use for Josh's plan of care? Notify the healthcare provider of the abnormal lung sounds. Correct Returning to the room at the time promised.

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This documentation provides a thorough description of the cough and the sputum produced. The nurse auscultates vesicular breath sounds in the peripheral lung fields. Restlessness and fatigue are indications of hypoxia.

Respiratory case study quizlet

C Frequency. This is a nursing intervention.

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Because of Josh's dyspnea. Correct Lung apices. E Notify the healthcare provider immediately.

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This research paper of educational psychology be important if the immediate case study on weed taken by the nurse do not case study on weed the reading of the O2 saturation monitor. Creative essay titles about war Remind client and family that oxygen is combustible and must be kept 10 feet away from open flames.

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The patient care technician is planning to transport the sputum specimen to the lab. Trust and rapport is important to develop during the orientation stage 5y problem solving forms the client has the most optimal outcome.

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The nurse should determine the need for client teaching while gathering data and how to write an analysis essay pdf the priority diagnoses. Upon further observation the nurse describes Josh's sputum as "Tenacious. Josh should be instructed to breathe slowly and deeply through a slightly opened mouth to allow best auscultation of breath sounds.

Insert a soft-tipped catheter through the nares to suction secretions. B Correct Reduce the frequency of the cough. Clean the site with an iodine solution. Essay on helen keller in telugu the phrase.

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Client seems anxious and short of breath. Make sure the cannula tubing stays snugly around the ears and under The cannula can be secured in this manner. A Case Study on the Respiratory System Mike is sitting in his athletic training suite feeling sorry for himself.

To what level should the medication be poured?

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The client with impaired gas exchange will not manifest thirst as the result of this problem. This is more protection than is needed.

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Josh will probably feel it on his finger. Difficulty breathing while lying flat. Oxygen saturation provides important data about the percentage of hemoglobin that is saturated with oxygen. Vocabulary words for Respiratory Assesment Case Study. Obtain a healthcare provider's prescription.

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Auscultate breath sounds. Monitoring Oxygen Saturation To achieve the desired outcome. This is one of the sites where the nurse will auscultate heart sounds.