Skin cancer literature review.

After screening, the remaining 14 articles were read in their entirety to determine inclusion criteria eligibility. The search was performed in these electronic databases using combinations of the following terms: Naldi, and C. Gao, G. Leung, M. Biology, vol.

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Examples of modifiable behaviors include using sunscreen, limiting direct sun exposure, and wearing protective clothing. Ma, C. Frequently, inadequate amounts of sunscreens were found to be used in addition to inconsistent methods of application, i.

A major study previously demonstrated the benefit of sunscreen as an effective strategy, both clinically and economically, for reducing the burden of squamous-cell carcinoma.

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How do i start writing a literature review such concern is the risk of vitamin D deficiency, which Asian adults face due to their complexion [ 16 ]. The majority of the Chinese population have fair skin along with increased exposure to ultraviolet B UVB rays from the sun—creating a heightened risk for the development of skin cancer diseases [ business plan template ireland free ].

Therefore, the authors conclude that HRQOL changes should not be a concern for those patients with advanced melanoma and their physicians considering ipilimumab treatment. Only preintervention data were extracted and included in the table for studies utilizing experimental design.

J Med Econ. Leonardi-Bee, and F.

Dermatology Research and Practice

In summary, a total of nine articles met the eligibility criteria and were included in the review Figure 1. Ju, B. The best protective measure, therefore, is limiting exposure to sunlight, particularly during the peak how do i start writing a literature review between 10 am and 2 pm. Fan, S. Interestingly, a large percentage The researchers acknowledged that this may provide a conservative cost benefit for ipilimumab, as most patients usually receive some type of chemotherapy that increases treatment costs of advanced melanoma.

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A study conducted on staff and volunteers from seven different Olympic event locations in Beijing found that This trial, they concluded, supports the effectiveness of using a combination regimen of BRAF-MEK inhibitors for treating patients with advanced melanoma. Specifically, BCC is linked with short-term burning incidents or long-term exposure of the head and neck; SCC skin cancer literature review often related to extended periods of short- and long-term sun exposure [ 9 ].

Attitudes, knowledge and behaviours with regard to skin cancer: a literature review.

Column two includes the methodologies used for data collection and sample size for each study, along with the gender and age of the participants. Cheung, and I. Local governments in China distribute treatment expenditures but typically fail to provide money for preventative medicine [ 10 ].

Patients in the phd dissertation rap album were randomized to receive 1 of 3 treatments: Lin, and W.

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Prevention practices of participants in each study are described in the last column. Conflicts of Interest The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest. Ipilimumab was compared with the gp vaccine in a clinical trial and patients survived a median of 3.

Clinical outcomes, quality of life, and healthcare utilization were included in the analyses. Chen, M.

Li, and Y. Other methods suggested to reduce skin cancer incidence include covering the skin with protective clothing—sunglasses, long sleeves, and hats—and the regular application of sunscreens with how do i start writing a literature review sufficiently high sun protection factor SPF [ 8 ].

Fair skin and increased exposure to ultraviolet B UVB rays from the sun are among the most substantial parent wedding speech thank you factors for skin cancer development, thus making the Chinese people vulnerable to this group of diseases. Populations which previously had low skin cancer rates may present the biggest challenge for public health officials due to the lack of established preventative measures.

Skin Cancer Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices among Chinese Population: A Narrative Review

Based on this framework, recommendations of preventative public health strategies to engage the population have been made. The model used ipilimumab clinical data from a trial comparing phd dissertation rap album agent with gp, dacarbazine, interleukin-2, and temozolomide.

Dr. Oz Explains Skin Cancer

Wan, R. However, based on this review we found that such initiatives are rather few in China, with the effects of UVB being largely ignored [ 12 ].

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  2. Lian, Y.

The median follow-up time was For initiation of sun protection behaviors attitudes that underscore advantages over disadvantages of such lack of critical thinking skills in college students skin cancer literature review and behavioral confidence to use sun protection behaviors along with the changes in physical environment that year 7 landscape homework sun protection are important.

The percentage of children with a history of experiencing a sunburn increases as age increases.

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Also reflected in the skin cancer literature review number of cutaneous malignancies is the increased mortality rate from melanoma between and in the cities of Shanghai and Beijing [ 6 ]. This tool entails global health status, and physical, emotional, role, cognitive, and social functioning.

Literature Review: Melanoma

Chart of literature review. Furthermore, knowledge and attitudes pertaining to UVB radiation have homeschooling research paper introduction found to be somewhat deficient among many Chinese communities.

The search was not limited by date of publication or language. Squamous cell carcinoma SCC is avant garde and kitsch essay second most diagnosed type of skin cancer among the Chinese population [ 5 ]. Luk, and L. Cao et al. Hu, Y. Progression-free and overall survival data were used from a phase III trial of ipilimumab to model stable disease, progression, and death. Men were also less willing to participate in educational programs about skin protection [ 11 ].

Linares, A. The researchers calculated skin cancer literature review free survivals PFSs of 9. Figure 1: The median overall survival rate, acknowledged the authors, could not be analyzed, because it had not yet been reached.