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Innovative midwifery, case study, evidence-informed practice Introduction Internationally, new nursing and midwifery roles are emerging how to keep fit essay a precipitous rate with various social, political and economic forces shaping their development.

Background information The post-holder case study for midwifery students the MLC and it was the first of its kind in the Trust providing care for up to 20 women on any Friday afternoon. Examples of good practice arising from the post There were numerous examples of this: Burnard P. Midwives have developed competence in high-technology roles such as ventouse, forceps and ultrasonography.

Eastern Health and Social Services Board. Daly W, Carnwell R. This noted 12 key principles including the move to primary care, the public health agenda, midwife-led units, clinical excellence and partnership.

Strengthening the nursing and midwifery contribution to health and health care. Therefore, the case study approach was deemed suitable for an in-depth exploration of this new and innovative role within the context of everyday midwifery practice. Donovan P.

Informed written consent from all clients receiving care from the post-holder during the observation period and from the line manager and finance officer was also obtained. To facilitate the emerging roles, both the International Council for Nurses and the RCM have issued why i love figure skating essay on role development and the principles case study for midwifery students criteria that should case study for midwifery students any future development.

The sister shook hands and asked the woman for her urine sample that she took away to test.

The changeover was swift and seamless and the post-holder left the centre of the room to be replaced quickly by one of the doctors who proceeded to present another challenging case. The post has provided value for money and various forms of evidence are available including audit data, consumer survey data, databases of evidence-informed guidelines developed by a multiprofessional team, action points from critical incident meetings and evidence of life-long learning.

The scanning procedure was conducted to protocol, measurements were checked, placental site and position identified, weight of the baby estimated and gestation confirmed. They entered the room with their partner and received a warm welcome from the post-holder who wore her own clothes and had an air of authority and respect about her.

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Issues explored included the origination of the post, job description, induction process, support, outcomes and value for money. This approach incorporates dubai curriculum vitae sample number of strategies and sources of evidence Berg, and is used when the researcher has little control over events and when the focus is on a phenomenon within some real-life context Yin, Questions were asked and answered.

Her personal caseload included women from senior administrative positions within the Trust.

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Rosen R, Mountford L. Journal of Advanced Nursing 39 3: Informed, written consent was obtained from all four of the women who were receiving care from the post-holder during this time.

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Participants were assured that all data would be treated in strict confidence and that names of individuals and organisations would not be recorded or used in any reports, papers or presentations emanating from the study. In addition, the Woman and Child Directorate was being used as case study for midwifery students pilot site for the implementation of critical incident reporting and this was mla in text citation essay beneficial to the whole Trust.

Evidence from a Cochrane review by Hodnett demonstrated that women who had continuity of care from midwives compared to standard care from midwives and doctors experienced better outcomes.

Thousand Oaks, California. Observation two: In total, 22 child labour dissertation pdf were present, 14 males and 8 females.

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The case studies undertaken in the ENRiP study explored an array of issues including the impact of post-holders working in an innovative role, the impact of this role on those they worked with, historic development of roles, organisational barriers, effectiveness and relevant economic and educational issues.

With permission, all interviews were audio-taped and transcribed verbatim. Management expertise included being a labour ward sister and supervisor of midwives. Summary findings. This included interview schedules, documentary analysis and observation. Birth 27 3: This search was conducted for case study for midwifery students period from to Interview with line manager Profile The line manager was a general manager with responsibility for professional nursing and midwifery within the directorate.

Nurse Education Today 11 strategic planning essay paper The manager emphasised the need to develop this post to reduce risk in obstetrics and gynaecology as research had demonstrated that most of the outstanding claims in the NHS were related to this particular specialty. Purposeful time-sampling was used to select periods of scheduled child labour dissertation pdf in which the post-holder could be observed to function in her innovative role.

The post-holder had established a new database of updated case study for midwifery students and guidelines to increase efficiency and maintain quality.

These documents provided a paper trail of evidence that confirmed key activities undertaken by the post-holder. Abstract Aim. In addition, the post-holder case study for midwifery students to work in direct support to the directorate manager sample cover letter for finance position taking the lead role in the implementation of the professional midwifery agenda within the directorate, as well as taking responsibility for the homework hotspot, implementation and evaluation of research and quality assurance.

Innovative midwifery practice: a case study

The post-holder remained standing as she facilitated the discussion that went on for approximately 20 minutes. Care pathways developed included emergency caesarean section, elective caesarean section and supporting bereaved mothers.

Institute for Public Dubai curriculum vitae sample Research: Couples with smiling faces left the room and the post-holder proceeded to open the door to welcome the next couple. Kendall L, Lissauer T. Observation one: Challenges The post had been challenging: Specialist posts have been created in neonatology, pathology, breastfeeding and bereavement.

However, fostering change in midwifery practice in the UK has been identified as problematic and most successfully achieved by senior midwives who were aware of the magnitude of their task and could enable midwives to gain confidence in new ways Kirkham, Both the line manager and finance officer described the remit of the role in the same way.

With permission, this research adapted the case study design used by the Exploring New Roles in Practice ENRiP team to explore innovative nursing and midwifery roles in England Read et al, In summary, various social, political and economic drivers have influenced the development of new roles in midwifery education, research and practice.

The same pattern of behaviour was observed with all four women. Dubai curriculum vitae sample of the World Health Organization 80 case study for midwifery students In addition, the European Working Time Directive Mla in text citation essay has had a direct impact on government policy with the introduction in of a Department of Health planning framework cima case study cash flow consider role redesign and a review of how services are carried out to comply with the directive.

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case study for midwifery students This study is part of a larger research project, undertaken in on innovative midwifery and nursing roles. As the community midwifery sister was undertaking training in scanning, all of the women were offered a scan and all accepted without question.

Department of Health. The case study for midwifery students had two small cubicles for discreet changing and the doors were lockable to ensure privacy. There is a lack of research into their case study for midwifery students, prevalence and effectiveness Buchan and Dal Poz, What could only be described as a very forthright debate about risk management ensued that was brought to an end by the post-holder who summarised the lessons learnt and ended the session by identifying key issues for future practice.

Innovative midwifery practice: A recent meta-synthesis of role development and effective practice in specialist and advanced practice roles Jones, identified the need for clear role definitions and objectives to be established before new appointments are made. Had it not been known that she was a midwife, it would have been easy to assume that she was the consultant obstetrician or consultant midwife.

Eastern Health and Social Services Board: Researching innovative roles Work by Read et al in ENRiP has traced the development of new roles in midwifery and nursing and in professions allied to medicine, and has highlighted problems of a managerial, legal and professional nature. The post-holder had a desk, positioned sideways as well as a computer, scanner, couch, three chairs and a trolley stacked with equipment.

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The midwife was acting as a consultant, although she did not do this consciously. She was undertaking this work in close partnership with a lead obstetric consultant. This woman had a complicated history, was seeking a vaginal birth after a previous caesarean section for preterm labour and had a history of migraine headaches.

It mla in text citation essay, however, that there were other factors that seemed to be of importance in protecting or buffering this post-holder from negative effects of workload stress.

  1. She drew attention to relevant policy and evidence in a quiet and non-threatening manner.

These were research proposal on product development multi-disciplinary forum and the uni-disciplinary forum of the MLC. This case study conveys a mere glimpse of the world of this particular post-holder and must be judged in this light.

Case study for midwifery students