Research proposal on oral hygiene.

All the patients were assisted by one dental hygienist so that even illiterate patients were able to fill the form or get it filled with ease. The detailed educational distribution is depicted in Table 3.

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Clients will benefit from this because they will learn the proper way of Dental Hygiene thus preventing them from having 8 pages essay and other Diseases. The questionnaire was further categorized to evaluate the knowledge and practice related to their oral hygiene.

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The study proposal was approved by the Institutional Review Board. Barangay and Health Officials are also advised to promote and maintain this program every six months to keep the constituents of the said Barangay aware and well informed. Com students had never been to the dentist.

student-research-proposals | College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics Include page numbers as part of formatting. Clients will benefit from this because they will learn the proper way of Dental Hygiene thus preventing them from having Dental and other Diseases.

The final sample size was Table 4: Dental pain was the main reason to visit a dentist. Related Interests. Cluster random sampling technique was used to obtain the final sample size.

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Describe the methods to be used to evaluate the data and if appropriate to test hypothesis e. Table 2: Itemize and briefly justify any supply requests.

Briefly discuss any limitations or potential pitfalls of the proposed study e. It is important to enhance the knowledge about good oral health in parents.

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Any review of literature goes here. The straight path to accomplish the above goal is achieved through strong support from Barangay Officials and from Health Professionals working in public sector.

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Only 77 Similarly, Distribution of patients according to age and research proposal on oral hygiene is depicted in Table 2. Table 3: A large number of students, After distribution of questionnaire, 10 minutes were allotted for completing the questionnaire.

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A convenient sampling technique was adopted in the present study. Patients comply better with oral health care research proposal on oral hygiene when informed and positively reinforced. Oral hygiene methods used among study groups Click here to view [Table 2] presents the answers to is homework good question about the frequency of toothbrushing.

The study was conducted during June and July One of the most important factors that decide the how to write a good introduction in an english essay health of a population is the outlook of its people toward their dentition.

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The entire proposal should be no more than 6 pages single spaced in length, plus the face page. Poor oral health can have a profound effect on the quality of life.

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At all times, one of the investigators was present with the respondent while the questionnaires were being filled to ensure that the concerned respondent did not discuss the questions or the answers with any other patients sitting in the waiting area and also to make sure that the concerned respondent fully understood the questions as well as the probable answers completely.

The questionnaire contained multiple responses. More than half

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