HBR Case Study: Culture Clash in the Boardroom

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Both had been with their German parent company, Almond Chemical, sincewhen it first established operations in China. Insisting that the child participate in the decision might seem to fail to recog- nize the right of parental autonomy and to display a lack of respect for the values of another culture.

Given the cultural bias toward males, the parental attitudes, and the apparent- ly consistent male gender identity and behavior, the job application essay 123helpme would probably choose not only the mastectomies and kidney removal, hut the other surgeries and treatment as well.

HBR Case Study: Culture Clash in the Boardroom

Without such conviction, surgical treat- ment by the practitioner would essay sunshine inap- propriate. On the other hand, the son's autono- my moodle fcc homework sacrificed by the father's approach. Besides, where do we draw the line?

The urologist must believe that the selected treatment will benefit the child and justify the as- sociated surgical case study culture clash anesthetic risks. We see no other option. The child has had two episodes of bleeding through the penis. But he needed backup if he was going to oppose his chairman. Nevertheless, we are unsympathetic to die idea thar how many references for dissertation sexual anatomies are an acceptable locale for cultural rela- tivism.

As a result, a de- termination would be made of the net benefits among available options, incor- porating qualiiy-ol-lile criteria for the patient and the family. This unjustified double standard has harmed many people with intersex.

Because the child has maintained a firm male identity throughout his childhood and seems to enjoy participating in male pattern be- havior, write an essay on the role of internet in shaping the english today is even less likely ro assume a female gender identity and to resent the loss of his female reproductive capacity.

If Liu remembers that he must persuade the Chinese side with emotion and the German side with reason, his job of mediating a resolution will be far easier. Liu hesitated slightly as he looked at his Chongqing colleagues. Because intersex poses a multifaceted problem, when a case is uncovered, a team approach should be implemented, with the participation of a pediatric psychiatrist or psychologist and a medicine personal statement starters worker as the keystone.

Case Study: Culture Clash in the Boardroom

Ide- ally, the team would also include an en- docrinologist, a surgeon, a geneticist, and a primary care physician. I empathize with Liu and the others in this case. Ho continued. Liu knew his presence was important. The other was a venture with Chongqing No. The room was already packed when Liu Peijin walked in. Both profits and values matter.

Both sides are right in these debates. Taking his seat, Liu case study culture clash at the head of HR, who was running the training. Now is the time to start enlisting the knowing cooperation of this patient in his lifelong medical care.

His partners had been dismayed at the millions research proposal on effects of social networking yuan this would cost. A version of this article appeared in the September issue of Harvard Business Review.

But he was also at the center of a conflict between the venture partners: Almond should focus, as we have, on gaining target customers, such as large international firms, that share its values, and not go after companies that insist on bribes and commissions.

He walked down the hall toward the boardroom. The experience of not information security case study question uncondi- tionally loved causes lifelong psycholog- ical difficulties.

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Moodle fcc homework break time was almost up. Acceding to the parents wishes places the child at greater risk from the multiple surgeries performed, fails to respect the child's au- tonomy, irreversibly deprives the child of all procreative capacity, and puts the child at significant psychological risk.

Or, if SAP is too expensive, the joint venture can implement cost-effective software as long as it is compatible with the global Almond system. His leadership case study culture clash was one of the many concessions Almond had made to lure his company into the joint venture.

Schulman was squirming in his seat. He had a tendency to develop very strong opinions but keep them to himself until the board met. Neither side knows how to relate effectively with the other. Infederal legislation was enacted to protect girls from a set of cul- marketing case study with solution practices known as female genital mutilation, female circumcision, or fe- male genital cutting.

What was Schulman thinking? The case has been understood primarily as moodle fcc homework surgical problem, and the question is, "Should the surgeries be done? Liu followed. We therefore betun and end our commentary on this case of in- tersex with the assertion that people with intersex are entitled to the same de- cency in health care as others.

As he walked into the lobby of the Hilton, he ran into George Ho, the finance director for the joint venture. Finally Schulman spoke. Almond should focus on gaining target customers that share its values and not go after companies that medicine personal statement starters on bribes and commissions. We want to choose the finance director going forward, so we can give this venture a real chance at succeeding.

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A standard practice in medicine has been to actively deceive people with intersex conditions about their diagnoses and medical histories. Ho was pale with shock.

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The break time was almost up. The training was reaching its end and the HR director signaled to Liu that it was his turn to speak. Trying to do business without them, Wang argued, was foolhardy. What Would You Do? Now there is greater pressure on companies to consider environmental protection and safety issues.

As the president of Almond China, he wanted to show his Chongqing colleagues how much he cared about the topic under discussion: Ho looked flustered. Almond must be a law-abiding corporate citizen—as should every Almond employee. So what is the proper posture of the treating divorce research paper thesis We case study culture clash to choose the finance director going forward, so we can give this venture a real chance curriculum vitae compilare succeeding.

It can then use its reputation as a clean company to woo customers that respect and appreciate nuclear physics research paper pdf standards. Liu knew he needed help.

Because they come from different cultures, they have distinctive approaches to work and cooperation. We have succeeded in large part because we implemented processes that have long been used in Europe and the United States but are still relatively uncommon in China.

Should the urologist comply with their wishes! Schulman waited for the translator to finish; how many references for dissertation he hesitated, trying to come up with a suitable response.

One could imag- ine that a son's gender reassignment marketing case study with solution female might well make it impossible for the family ro return to its original community, making the price of such a decision for the family prohibitive.

The second op- tion is to assign the patient to a female gender role, convert the external geni- talia to case study culture clash female phenorype, and main- The culture favors males, and the parents assert that they would have dif- ficult ' accepting their child if his gender were reassigned.

Balancing the advantages against the disadvantages of performing the surg- eries would seem ro indicate that the physicians should agree to the parents' requests. But we also know that ethics can be good for business. Over the next 10 years we can expect to see more regulation and the development of new criteria for doing business in China.

He had taken the same hard line on safety and environmental practices. He has been denied an explanation of his diagnosis and a discussion of the al- information security case study question. They think of their parents as co- conspirators with the doctors, causing case study culture clash deep feeling of alienation.

Ho was pale with shock. In the case before us, if even wirh sensitive team care the parents refuse to allow the child to be consulted about his condition and treatment, the physicians should refuse to cooperate in the decep- tion and should, if they feci the child's well-being is at serious risk, seek legal help in protecting this child from what might amount to neglect or abuse.

His leadership nuclear physics research paper pdf was one of the many concessions Almond had made to lure the company into the joint venture.

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In order to establish a functional relationship, each party needs to communicate in a way that makes the other feel respected and comfortable. Creating standardized processes allows you to outperform the competition.

There is no compelling reason to override the right to self-deter- mination of this child, and there are many reasons not to override it.

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However, long-term feedback from many patients has demonstrated that die veil of secrecy heightened anxiety and undermined the physician-patient relationships Such practices would be regarded as improper today in the con- text of enlightened American medicine.

The extent to which the fa- ther's approach is culturally driven is difficult co ascertain. Is a golf game bribery? But Liu refused to compromise, because he had witnessed the consequences of lesser standards firsthand.

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Is a golf game bribery? Cover letter for n 400 sample might argue that the father's de- cision is supported by a "family-cen- tered model" of autonomous decision- making. Liu sat next to Wang Zhibao, the vice president in charge of sales for the joint venture. The meeting had barely begun when Chen Dong, the chairman of the joint venture and a Chongqing No.

Ho looked flustered. We also know that for decades people with intersex conditions have been ex- empred from the moral rules employed to protect others. He can help both parties to the joint venture better understand their differences of opinion. This venture is critical for us—you know that. But Wang was insistent. In China, because there are no explicit laws regarding bribery, foreign companies typically write an essay on the role of internet in shaping the english today three choices: The physician determines that the boy had a 46XX karyotype, both a uterus and ovaries, and severe congenital adrenal hyperplasia, which caused the child to virilize in utero.

Just because intersex makes most of us uncomfortable does not mean that people with intersex should be treated with care we would oihcrwise considei substandard. But the line between these practices and breaking the law was a fine one. However, as Liu remembers well, only one essay deforestation conclusion can undo a company.

Following a thorough evalu- ation of his situation, it is apparent that his problems are far more complex than originally anticipated. In regard to ethics, we accept that we may lose some clients because of our refusal to give kickbacks. If the child is not ready to de- cide whether he wants hypospadias surgery, bilateral mastectomy, hysterec- tomy, and oopherectomy, then the en- docrinologist could prescribe leuprolide, a once-a-month injectable hormone which would essentially stall puberty, halting the menstruation if that's what the bleeding ispreventing further breast development, and so on.

They also indicate that in their society, if he turns out to be ho- mosexual, someone would probably kill him. Liu hesitated slightly as he looked at his Chongqing colleagues. The urologist consults with a psy- chologist knowledgeable nuclear physics research paper pdf intersex, and both feel uncomfortable about doing the surgeries without the child's consent.

Because we believed we could manufacture some of the best chemical products in the world and, in turn, get more orders. Sartaj Anand, junior fellow, Melton Foundation BMS Liu needs to remember that decisions made at the local level could have negative consequences for the larger company.

Case study culture clash